Colostrum is the first milk that all newborn mammals naturally receive and it is rich in bactericidal immunoglobulins.

Colostrum’s health promotion features have been known in folk medicine for hundreds, even thousands of years (Ayurveda). Because colostrum is a fresh produce with very short shelf life, this has made it impossible to conserve and use, other than in the immediate vicinity of the calves. By combining old knowledge with modern patented technology, this problem has now been eliminated and now there is concentrated powdered colostrum available throughout the year. This opens up global opportunities for the production and distribution of products based on colostrum.

In the Nordic countries we have traditionally used fresh colostrum (colostrum) for health promotion for hundreds of years and with today’s production methods, colostrum products can be made available to common men, year round. Nature’s first whipping, colostrum, has evolved into perfection during millions of years. Each mammalian species has its own nutritional composition, which has the task of giving the newborn offspring the best possible start in life, among which growth factors play an important role. But perhaps most importantly; The colostrum also provides a “copy” of the mother’s immune system to the newborn kid, who completely lacks his own immune system at birth. Without this first protection, the newborn usually lasts for quite soon as it can not resist infection. Only in humans are parts of the mother’s immune system transferred to the fetus stage.

Bovint colostrum, i.e. Colostrum from cows has a composition that makes it very useful even over the artificial boundaries. It is similar to the woman’s breast milk which makes it very suitable for us humans. It is also 10 to 20 times more powerful than breast milk! In various parts of the world research is being carried out on this nutrient, and in Sweden you are well placed.

Lactoferrin is a substance that is found naturally in colostrum. A doctoral thesis on lactoferrin was presented by Peter Drobni at Umeå University in May 2005. Professor Catharina Svanborg at Lund University conducts research based on a breast milk protein that showed positive results regarding the ability to kill tumor cells.


Important criteria for the production of raw milk (colostrum) of the highest quality

  • Colostrum is to be collected and mixed from a large number of choirs; It guarantees a wide range of natural immune and growth factors.
  • To be taken only from the first milking for maximum bioactivity.
  • Only from cows bred on unprotected feed, free of pesticides, etc.
  • Manufactured under low temperature so as not to destroy the active components.
  • Quick pasteurized to ensure maximum microbiological activity.
  • Being tested by a certified laboratory regarding the presence of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, pesticides, heavy metals and pathogens.
  • Colostrum shall only be collected and processed by dairy companies certified by an appropriate government agency.

Our colostrum meets all of the criteria listed above! Before leaving the manufacturer, the raw milk powder is subjected to a laboratory check to ensure that it is completely clean from all prohibited substances. Should any such substance be detected in the finished product, it will be discarded immediately, all in order for the manufacturer to guarantee a 100% pure raw material.

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