TerniCOL Colostrum

Good health with better immune system. All TerniCOL™ Colostrum products are rich in & nbsp; both immunoglobulins and immune factors.

Colostrum (colostrum) is nature’s first complete nutrition.

Colostrum also has a natural content of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances (including Lactoferrin), and their effect has been demonstrated by a number of published studies. Many have been told about the positive effects of colostrum on hair, skin and nails. Colostrum can also be an excellent support for all types of athletes.

TerniCOL™ colostrum products provide a good help for immune systems: A good health with a well-functioning stomach, since approx. 75% of the immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract!

Lactoferrin is a natural ingredient in colostrum.

Research and scientific studies show that lactoferrin may have anti-inflammatory properties and can also act against viruses and bacteria by binding the iron necessary for virus and bacterial growth.


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    1 Box: 54 Bottles TerniCOL 100% Colostrum Powder, 70 gr

    12 150 kr 10 150 kr inkl.moms
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    12-Pack TerniCOL PRP Colostrum, 50 tablets/bottle

    924 kr 824 kr inkl.moms
  • 2-Pack TerniCOL 100% Colostrum 70 gr

    449 kr inkl.moms
  • 2-PACK TerniCOL PRP High Peptide (Immulox) 70 gr

    489 kr inkl.moms
  • 3-Pack TerniCOL PRP Colostrum, 50 tablets/bottle

    201 kr inkl.moms
  • 3-Pack TerniCOL PRP Colostrum, 50 tablets/bottle

    202 kr inkl.moms
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    6-pack TerniCOL 100% Pure Colostrum Powder, 70 gr

    1 434 kr 1 334 kr inkl.moms
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    6-PACK TerniCOL PRP High Peptide (Immulox) 70 gr

    1 554 kr 1 454 kr inkl.moms
  • TEAM TERNICOL – 3-PACK 100% Colostrum for Horses, 500 gr.

    2 595 kr inkl.moms
  • TEAM TERNICOL – 3-PACK Colostrum för Hästar, 250 gr.

    1 585 kr inkl.moms
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    TEAM TERNICOL – 6-PACK 100% Colostrum for Horses, 500 gr.

    5 370 kr 4 990 kr inkl.moms
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    TEAM TERNICOL – Colostrum for Horses 500 gr

    895 kr inkl.moms
  • TEAM TERNICOL – Colostrum for Horses, 500 gr.

    895 kr inkl.moms
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    TEAM TERNICOL- 6-PACK Colostrum for Horses, 250 gr.

    3 270 kr 2 995 kr inkl.moms
  • TEAM TERNICOL- Colostrum för Hästar, 250 gr.

    545 kr inkl.moms
  • TerniCOL 100% Colostrum Powder, 70 gr

    239 kr inkl.moms
  • TerniCOL 120 Veg. Capsules with Extra Lactoferrin – 2-Pack

    550 kr inkl.moms
  • TerniCOL 120 Veg. Kapslar m. Extra Lactoferrin – 6-Pack

    1 610 kr inkl.moms
  • TerniCOL Natural Skin Cream with Lactoferrin – 100 ml

    195 kr inkl.moms
  • TerniCOL Universal Salbe 50 ml, Waterfree!

    139 kr inkl.moms

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Colostrum är den första mjölken som alla nyfödda däggdjur naturligt får och den är rik på bakteriebindande immunglobuliner.


Våra salvor är baserade på ekologiska oljor och örter, med tillsatt laktoferrin och bivax.

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